Decorating Your Dorm Room

Bed In a Bag - Dormroombedding.netBecause the dorm room is a very small place it can be hard to know how to decorate and personalize it. The small space of the dorm room means that extra items should be excluded to avoid crowding. The best ways to decorate the dorm room include decorating the walls and finding bedding that speaks to the person’s sense of style. The bed is one of the main aspects of the dorm room and it takes up a lot of the minimal space in the room. Using dorm bedding that reflects ones sense of style may be the one of the only ways to do so in a tiny dorm space. A student who is more girly may prefer a bright pink and polka dotted bedding set that has little ruffles along the sides of the pillow cases. An artistic male student may prefer to have his sheet and blanket set exist in solid black. A sports fan may even wish to have their favorite sports team emblazoned across the top of the blanket. Choosing a bedding set that reflects a persons personal style can make their dorm bed a more comfortable and relaxing place to be.
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Dorm Room Bedbugs!

Dorm Room Bed BugGoing away to college is an exciting time. for the student, it is often the first time when they are solely responsible for themselves. For parents its a time for a new bundle of concerns and worry to begin to emerge. For both it is a big change and a time when many young adults learn what life is like when they are living on their own. This is when most young adults learn not only how to take care of themselves but how to care for the space they live in as well. In the last decade, living in a dorm has also meant living and dealing with an outbreak of bedbugs.

Parents spend a great deal of time preparing their student for dorm life. Life lessons such as learning to live on a strict budget, setting up a study schedule only they are responsible for keeping as well as basic housekeeping are usually high on the list. And although most parents also discuss sharing the beds of others, these conversations rarely revolve around the spread of bedbugs. This pest is not only a menace on many campus dorms, but also easily spread but all but impossible to exterminate without professional intervention.
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4 Tips for Decorating Your College Dorm

Dorm Room FurnitureOnce we head off to college, our life changes completely. Though the college years are years we may never forget, they are also years that take some getting used to. Without our parents taking care of us and doing everything for us, it’s hard to adjust to a whole new lifestyle.

College living can take some time to get used to but it’s always nice to have that space of our own. If you’re looking for some tips on decorating your college dorm room, here are some to consider below:

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