4 Tips for Decorating Your College Dorm

Dorm Room FurnitureOnce we head off to college, our life changes completely. Though the college years are years we may never forget, they are also years that take some getting used to. Without our parents taking care of us and doing everything for us, it’s hard to adjust to a whole new lifestyle.

College living can take some time to get used to but it’s always nice to have that space of our own. If you’re looking for some tips on decorating your college dorm room, here are some to consider below:

Furniture: In order to feel comfortable in your dorm room, you must have some nice furniture that is functional. Having a bed and a dresser is essential and can mimic that “at home” feeling we’re looking for. It’s also nice to check out all the different dorm bedding so that we can customize our room to our liking.

Though it may not be completely necessary, it’s nice to have a computer desk in your room as well. A study area is important and allows you to do your homework on your computer and helps keep it organized.

Walls: Once the furniture is the way you want it to be, it’s nice to add decorations to the blank walls. From calendars to dry erase boards or even pictures of you and your family, it’s nice to fill them with something. When the walls are covered, we can feel more at home and create a space that reflects our personality.

Flooring: Dorm rooms can also look more vibrant and feel more like home when we add some nice touches to the floor. From nice throw rugs to some comfortable mats in the kitchen, it can brighten up a room and make it livelier.

Organization: The college years are often very busy years. From our demanding classes to our hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to get disorganized and create a messy dorm room. Though it takes little effort to create a messy room, it’s important to keep it organized for our own functionality and practicality. By getting furniture that helps keeps us organized and by filling our room with helpful things like agendas and calendars, we can have a time and place for everything in our life.

Decorating your college dorm room can be so much fun. From picking out new furniture to adding some decorations and pictures on the wall, you can create a space that is designed for your liking.

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