Dorm Room Bedbugs!

Dorm Room Bed BugGoing away to college is an exciting time. for the student, it is often the first time when they are solely responsible for themselves. For parents its a time for a new bundle of concerns and worry to begin to emerge. For both it is a big change and a time when many young adults learn what life is like when they are living on their own. This is when most young adults learn not only how to take care of themselves but how to care for the space they live in as well. In the last decade, living in a dorm has also meant living and dealing with an outbreak of bedbugs.

Parents spend a great deal of time preparing their student for dorm life. Life lessons such as learning to live on a strict budget, setting up a study schedule only they are responsible for keeping as well as basic housekeeping are usually high on the list. And although most parents also discuss sharing the beds of others, these conversations rarely revolve around the spread of bedbugs. This pest is not only a menace on many campus dorms, but also easily spread but all but impossible to exterminate without professional intervention.
The rampant spread of bedbugs in dorms very rarely has to do with a lack of housekeeping of an inability to do cleanup. Instead, the spread of bedbugs can occur simply by having study groups which gather in one sorm room. The group shares the space, often consisting of little more than a bed and desk, at which time the bed bugs can atach themselves to the clothing, back packs and outerwear of the visiting students. Then when the students return to their own dorm room they have carried the pests right into their own living space.

Because college students often do gather in dorm rooms, or have an occasion to spend time in dorm rooms other than their assigned space, a bedbug outbreak can become severe before anyone takes notice. If this occurs the dorm may be shut down. Items of a personal nature such as clothing, bedding and blankets may have to be thrown out or destroyed to stop the infestation.

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